As always the trip to Haiti was amazing and heartbreaking. This being my third time I was expecting to be a little more prepared for the emotional work out. But after the tent city on Wednesday I found myself in emotional shock, unable to really speak for a day. It is hard to see any human in such distress, but the people of Haiti are our neighbors.  We are truly blessed in the United States. The trip has put my life in perspective again.  I saw many people truly happy with practically nothing. In a way, here in America we are all hoarders.  Most of us have more than we really need. What I'm left wondering now is; what's the point of all this stuff if we aren't happy enough to enjoy it?  

Love has no border.
This is Puppy. He was a dog looking for a home.  Thanks to Mirium and the people at New Life we are in the process of adopting him. Hopefully he will be home soon. 
This about sums it up. 
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