We went to an orphanage up in the mountains today. In a suburb of Port-au-Prince known as Petionville. We brought crackers and a local favorite, Tampico for the kids. What never fails to thrill the kids of Haiti is taking their photos and then showing them the picture on our fancy digital screens. Today one of our group members discovered a "mustache app" on his iPhone. Well the kids couldn't get enough of it. Each kid would eagerly wait while the photo was taken. The moment the phone came down they were all huddled over the screen waiting, silently for the iPhone to process and revile the image of a child with full grown mustache. And then the room would erupt into laughter, immediately followed by a demand for the next mustache victim. 
More Tampico
Pink Tampico
A rare photo of the photographer with the kids and of course some Tampico. 
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