Compassion. Concern. Action. 

Though the progress is still to slow, conditions in post earthquake Haiti are improving. Tent cities still exist but about 300,000 people are living in them. That's a 79% drop since 2010. But aid is still in high demand. Life in the tent city's is inhumane and for the people living there a cycle of poverty that is impossible to break. Aid workers spend a lot of time "putting out fires" before they can reach a long term, sustainable solution.

Today we helped "put out a fire" in a tent city in a part of Port-au-Prince called Cité Soleil. Because of the drought affecting Haiti, areas like Cité Soleil with no access to clean water are struggling. Our team from New Life brought water, food and medicine to over 300 kids in need. We shaved and washed hair, applied medicine and handed out food. It was a humbling experience and I'm thankful to be able to do something, even if it is something very small. 
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